Wednesday, 15 September 2010

kenape kenape kenape

hish , aq pnad giler seyh , tiap2 ary mesti naa gadoo
taa bule kerr idop aman nan dye satoo ary
susa arr mcm ny
cke2 kne kondem , aq punn naa idop gax
beb , mmg ar kao mmber aq
tpy sume aq wat tak kene pade kao
aq fenin tahap gilax beb

kao jujo je bole ark .?
what do you want from me .?
just say it
but don ruined my life
every words dat you've said ,
had drop my tears down
n you never know it
wanna know why .?
dat's becuz

Im the only one dat make mistakes in your eyes
Im the one who always make you sad
Im the official liar in your life
isnt dat enough , need more .?
now tell me
please tell me why
can't you just accept me of wat I am .?
please dont change me

you always said dat Im the one :
you're the one dat make me laugh
you're the first person I think when I wake up
urgh , dat's soo bla bla bla

gado cket tak nak kwn
last relationship laa ape laa
don't be childish bole taa .?
dat's not only youMySpace who have feelings
calm yourself n think properly laa
kalo gado tuu tak bole bg mase ke .
bagi asing2 gune otak untok pikir
ny troz tak nk kawan

aq ckp kao emo kao mara kan
dulu kao ckp aq penipu aq ta amek port punn
cuz I know
no one is perfect
niether are you
aq daa ckp aq tanak gadoo

Im not a perfect gurl
My hair doesnt always stay in place &
I spill things a lot . Im pretty clumsy &
sometimes I have a broken heart .
My friends & I sometimes fight . &
maybe some days nothing goes right .
But wen I think about it and take a step back
I remember how amazing life truly is
& dat maybe . just maybe . I like being

.. aq sayang kao , tp jgn judge aq , biakan ape aq nk jadik , dont concouer me like dis ..

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  1. aq tau k0 maks0dkan aq...t0l ark..k bru ku pham ape yg k0 x c0uncouer...take y0our live...0uh childish