Thursday, 9 September 2010

boy best friend

dat's all dat I can say for being his friend
ta pena dapat mmber lelaki mcm dye
always make me smile
twenty four seven

* * * * *

wen we first talk to each other
I never thought dat we will be frends like now
our friendship has kept on growing
n I will be here for you to the end

you listen wen I hav problem
n help dry the tears on my face
n put happiness in its place

you take away my sorrow

I can't forget the fun we've had
laughing till our face turn red
talking of things dat's opposite to sad
people think we're insane

I guess this is my way of saying thanks
thanks again for being the best friend

for catchin me when I almost fall
n being here with me through it all

* * * * *
I'll be there for you
if you've got secrets you want to tell ,
we can talk all day long
if your dreams get broken somehow ,
I'll remind you dat you belong
If you need someplace to hide ,
you can hold my hand for a while
if your sky begins to fall ,
I'll stay with you all day long
whenever you need some place ,
there's my room - where you can find peace
if someone breaks your heart ,
together we sat and paste it hard
now when you feel sad or empty inside ,
I'll show you dat Im by your side
if you get lost out there alone ,
I'll come and take you to your home
I'll go with you somewhere else ,
when here's got nothing left
and when nothing seems to be going right ,
you need a friend , I always stay to make you bright
.. ma syg pa cnad2 taw ..


  1. x sangke k0 speak inggheris lancar proud of x tau ape yg boleh aq ckp kan...yg pasti ati aq luke lara...kalau kau still my frenz...and can help me 0ut 0f my pr0blems...

  2. Im always gonna be beside you ,
    ape problem kao .? need my help .?
    you're still my besties ,
    as long as .. kao ta jelez2 agyy , uke ..