Saturday, 14 August 2010

little gurl's diary


never tried to love someone like i love him
niether dream about it


gives long memories in me
makes me feel loved n makes me loves someone
gives me strength
at dat time
I swear , no one can ever replace him

Ive found no one dat can be placed
one of a kind
caring , loving , sporting ,
full of wishes

never know where to stop
but lastly , it did stop

I love when it stops
I feel free
like a bird flying in the blue sky
with problemless
just fly n fly

but deeply inside
Im like dying
I hate dis matter happen
I rather die then facing dis

but wait
no one knows that I feel horrible
I keep it in
I tell everyone dat I m happy
they see it in my face
'' yeay , Im happy being single ''
but no one knows the fact
I need him
HE is a part of my life
I cried
n cry
please god
i need him

god blessed me
I got him back
I love him so fucking damn much
we've build our new life together

I wont live in lies again
but , lies are apart of me
sory if I did lie to you
I didn't mean to
but I swear I love you


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