Sunday, 15 August 2010

full of sucks questions

I couldn't understand even a words about guys . Thousands of questions about GUYs are spinning around my head just like tornado . Oh God please , if someone could answer my questions . I would not live in this kind of situation . Hopeless , urgghhh , yea ,Im hiding behind myself just to close the mistakes dat Ive done ! so what ? I dont bother you . I just not ,, being myself . If not because of GUYs , I've never will lie myself , my frends , n my love ones . I did lie to them JUST BECAUSE GUYS ! Oh My God , please give me strength to live in this kind of situation , I hate dis I swear , but what can I do , Im week . All I can do is .....
wish I could die
If I can read GUY's mind .
If I can know their true feelings .
Why can't I know what did they want from me ?
Can I know why did they really love me while Ive got nothing ?
I aint pretty
Why cant they just leave when I ask for leaveness ?
Is he really loves me ?
or just pretending infront of me ?
If he just pretend to love me ,
why can't they just leave me ?
Im not asking for him to leave me ,
but why did he keep pretending until now ?
yea , we have been together for 7 month , but I still dont know why did he choose me . many other gurls outside there prettier than me . that's why Im in conflict now . If true dat this are fate n we are really belong to each other , praised be to God . yea , I actually love him soo much , but Im afraid to realise that , but finally I think I should , no one can ever judge my life except God . I should not hide it , but however , I will keep it as secret .
.. thank god ..
.. I finnaly know who I am ..

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